Teeth Whitening- What You Should Know

Teeth-Whitening-What-You-Should-KnowTeeth whitening can lead to a brighter smile and a more confident “you”. Whether your teeth have been stained from drinking coffee and tea, or you are just looking to make your teeth whiter, teeth whitening is a great way to start with a fresh “you.”

When it comes to choosing your options of obtaining a brighter, whiter smile, there are a few options our office has to offer you. We offer “in office” whitening treatment (could be a single session, some could require multiple appointments), using specifically formulated whitening gels. As a follow up to obtain even more desirable results we construct custom bleaching trays for our patients to use at home.

Then there are alternative, “at-home” treatments, which include over the counter whitening strips, gels, rinses and other options. Each option has its benefits, whether it is convenience, price, time, longevity of brightness and quality. There is no perfect formula to obtain the ideal brightness of teeth. Over the years our office has seen the best results with a combination of in office and custom made bleaching trays. There is no definite time frame for obtaining desired results however in general desirable results are usually seen in two to six weeks. Once you reach a satisfactory shade we recommend a very short monthly maintenance schedule to follow to keep them looking great!

What you should to know:

Regardless of which approach you take to making your smile brighter, there are a few things you need to know about the process of teeth whitening.  Your teeth and gums could possibly show signs of temporary sensitivity as well. There are a few simple methods of relieving the sensitivity and still obtain the desired bleaching results.

Contact our office today to find out what the best whitening option is for you!

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