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Most dentistry looks like dentistry. Our goal is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. We replace existing crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Where damage to a person’s teeth is extreme, and apparently beyond simple repair, we can use porcelain or porcelain “bonded to high noble gold alloy” crowns to make the smile appear “as new”. This is an extremely reliable technique for repairing the most severe of dental problems, even permanently replacing missing teeth to offer a complete smile and a functional bite. We are renowned for the quality of our work and the fantastic changes we make for people using this technology. These treatments are used for a long-lasting correction of major dental problems. These treatments may last for a lifetime, which is as close to “permanent” as dental treatment can get.

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How long does it take to fit a dental crown?

Fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office. Initially, we will remove decay if present, shape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary crown of either plastic or metal.

On the subsequent visit we will remove the temporary crown, and then fit and adjust the final crown. Finally, we will cement the crown into place and you have a new beautiful looking tooth.

Key Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Offers support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth
  • Looks completely natural
  • Corrects”smile” and functional chewing problems

What are the capabilities of crowns?

Crown and bridgework is a very reliable solution for major dental problems caused through accidents, diseases or wear and tear. Major problems can usually be corrected using these techniques. Material used in these repairs is either high-grade porcelain, or porcelain bonded to noble gold alloy. A higher strength of the porcelain and gold materials is recommended to treat the most serious of dental problems. Where accidental damage has occurred, resulting in lost teeth, or where teeth have broken away through excessive wear, or as the result of old fillings breaking, crowns and/or bridges can be used as a long-term solution.

Many people have unexplained pain from filled back teeth, which is usually due to hairline cracks in the chewing part of the tooth. Placing crowns on these teeth relieves the pain and allows a return of full dental function for these teeth. In front teeth, older fillings can both weaken the teeth and cause “appearance” problems due to staining or chipping. Porcelain crowns and bridges are suitable in cases where porcelain veneers are not. In teeth with root canal fillings, crowns can provide better support and prevent breakage of the tooth.

Mark J. Gordon, DDS

5 out of 5 stars based on 21 Crowns reviews.

Patient Review from Errett S

Dr. Gordon has taken care of me since the early 80s and I can't recommend him more highly. I am not the easiest patient he has (even if I am one of his longest-term ones) because I hate dentistry, but he has always been caring and compassionate.

- Errett S

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Patient Review from Gene D

Doctor is very thorough in all aspects of the treatment and in inserting the crown. His staff is very pleasant and competent.

- Gene D

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Patient Review from Tracy M

I am so grateful to Dr. Gordon and his staff. I was suffering from an acute toothache on a Sunday so I left a message on Dr. Gordon’s website. Dr. Gordon immediately called me and told me to come in the next morning. He gave me his undivided attention to determine the source of my pain. I ultimately had to have a root canal (Dot, his receptionist arranged for an appointment with an endodontist that same day). I receive a telephone call that evening from Dr. Gordon to see how I was feeling. I am now going through the process of getting a dental crown with Dr. Gordon. He and his team are making me comfortable and confident every step of way. I feel that they really care about and want the best for each of their patients. I recommend Dr. Gordon and his staff to anyone who wants a top-notch professional who is passionate about providing exceptional service and care. I would not go anywhere else to get dental services. Thank you to Dr. Gordon and his exceptional staff!

- Tracy M

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Patient Review from Amber B

Best dentist to come to. They make sure everything is perfectly doNE the First time. Along with they make sure u leave with a big perfect smile.

- Amber B

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Patient Review from Joe C

Overall good experience

- Joe C

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Patient Review from Lee K

Thank you!

- Lee K

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Patient Review from Gary Z

Staff is very friendly, courteous, and professional. They truly care for each person, and show it. Dr. Gordon is excellent and cares for his patients. I'm very comfortable in his office. Thank you to everyone in the office.

- Gary Z

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Patient Review from Susàn O

All outstanding; professional ; personal

- Susàn O

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Patient Review from Deb R

Good appointment

- Deb R

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Patient Review from Ed K

Dr. Gordon came into the office on his day off to reseat a temporary crown that had popped off. He met me in less than an hour. The consistent quality of service received from this office makes us loyal patients.

- Ed K

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Patient Review from Stephanie G

5 Stars for everyone in the office! I have been a patient for about 25 years. Everyone is wonderful and cheerful which puts you at ease! Dr. Gordon makes sure that you are comfortable at all times during the procedure. I used to hate getting a crown, but I can honestly say that I never felt any pain, not even the shots of Novocain!

- Stephanie G

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Patient Review from Ron G

I had a good experience. Dr Gordon was very complete.

- Ron G

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Patient Review from Steve B

My family have been patients of Dr Gordon since 1990. We love the staff and are always warmly greeted. Dr Gordon is the best and has worked with us over the years to keep us alll healthy. I highly recommend him and his staff.

- Steve B

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Patient Review from Keith L

Dr Gordon and staff are sensitive to needs and extremely competent. Highly recommended

- Keith L

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Patient Review from Greg W

Perfect t

- Greg W

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Patient Review from Beveŕly L

À very pŕofèssional groùp....always congenial,, knowledgeable and skilled. My smile makes me very proud and happy..

- Beveŕly L

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Patient Review from Evan L


- Evan L

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Patient Review from Eileen J

I have been a patient of Dr. Gordans for nearly two decades. He is an outstanding dentist. His dental work is impeccable! Dr Gordon is excellent in communication and easing patient concerns. I highly recommend Dr Gordon and his efficient and friendly office staff

- Eileen J

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Patient Review from Paul R

Professional, friendly, competent

- Paul R

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Patient Review from Yona M

Great dentist

- Yona M

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Patient Review from Kerry Stanley

Dr. Gordon has provided excellent dental care to myself and my family since we moved into the area in 1996, and I highly recommend him.

- Kerry Stanley

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