All-on-4® treatment concept in Prairie Village, KS

Dental Implant Supported Dentures/Bridges

The All-on-4® treatment concept dental implant supported denture/bridge technique has been a truly life changing treatment for many thousands of patients.

For patients who are complete or partial denture wearers and experience loose, poor fitting appliances that do not allow them to comfortably chew the foods they most enjoy, the All-on-4® treatment concept stable implant supportive denture/bridge will improve your quality of life. In addition, the All-on-4® treatment concept implant supported denture/bridge is a viable treatment option for those patients who experience chronic painful infections related to their teeth or gum attachment.

All-on-4 Treatment Concept digital illustration showing all componentsThe process for the All-on-4® treatment concept begins with an examination at our dental office. If Dr. Gordon determines you are a candidate, you would be referred to an oral surgeon for surgical evaluation for placement. As a team our office, the oral surgeon and the dental laboratory (which specializes in the construction of the All-on-4® treatment concept denture/bridge) will plan all phases of your care.

The process of completing an All-on-4® treatment concept takes from four to six months. At no time will you be without teeth as Dr. Gordon will place temporary provisional teeth that look and feel much like natural teeth.

All-on-4 Treatment Concept digital illustration showing the placed denturesWith the placement of four implants into predetermined areas for maximum bone support, a dental bridge is secured to provide replacement teeth to the arch.

The benefits include:

  • Fewer number of implants placed means reduction in treatment costs
  • Improved stability in supporting bone
  • Reduced need for bone grafts
  • Faster treatment and healing time. Allows for immediate placement of teeth without having to wait for healing time following surgery
  • Tooth replacement options can be either a fixed (non-removable bridge) or a removable bridge for easier maintenance
  • Documented scientific research and studies support the All-on-4® treatment concept

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