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Dr. Gordon brings years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry to each patient he works with. Whether it is restoring a smile to its previous glory, repairing a tooth that needs a filling, or advising on your overall health, Mark Gordon Dentistry is here to help. Here are a few examples of patients who met with challenges in their dental health, with before and after images to illustrate the positive changes made in each case.


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Veneers Before & After Cases

Replacing Old Porcelain Veneers

Aesthetics of twenty-five-year-old veneers was an issue for this patient.  Ten new porcelain veneers were constructed to replace existing veneers achieving the patient’s desired improved appearance.



Upper Front Teeth Porcelain Veneers

This lady was unhappy with the appearance of her tetracycline stained teeth. The upper front 6 teeth were restored with porcelain veneers to achieve an aesthetic confident smile.

Upper Front Teeth Porcelain Veneers

This college graduate was unhappy with the color and blemishes on her upper front teeth. Porcelain veneers were constructed to improve aesthetics and self-esteem.



Upper Front Teeth Porcelain Veneers

This woman was looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of her long-standing veneers on her upper front teeth.  The old veneers were replaced with new all-ceramic coverings which provided the aesthetic outcome she desired.



Teeth Whitening Before & After Cases

Teeth Whitening & Space Closure – Upper Front 6 Teeth with Composite Bonding

This patient was unhappy with previously placed tooth-colored fillings between his upper front 6 teeth. The fillings had discolored with time.  Teeth whitening was first achieved before space closure.  New bonded composite fillings were then placed between his upper front 6 teeth.

Whitening with Custom Bleaching Trays

This gentleman was unhappy with Tetracycline (antibiotic) discolored teeth.  Using custom made whitening trays for at-home use his results were astounding!

Dental Crowns Before & After Cases

Upper Front Porcelain Crowns

This lady was unhappy with the aesthetics of old failing restorations on her upper front teeth.  Individual upper front ceramic crowns were constructed to restore her teeth.  She was thrilled with improved function and appearance.

Upper Front Teeth All-Ceramic Crowns

This patient had 4 failing upper front crowns.  The crowns were replaced with new ceramic crowns. She was very pleased with the outcome of her treatment.

Dental Implant Before & After Cases

Implant-Supported Lower Denture

This patient had an existing lower denture that was not stable and functional.  Dental implants were placed in the lower jaw to stabilize the denture and provide better chewing function.

Multiple Missing Teeth Replaced with Individual Implants

This lady was unhappy with an unstable lower complete denture. Implants were placed and joined with a custom constructed bar to stabilize her denture. She was most happy with eating all the foods that she desired without having soreness from the denture.

Replacement of Upper Back Teeth with Non-Removable Implant Supportive Fixed Bridgework

This case had an existing uncomfortable upper removable bridge and failing upper back teeth. Implants were placed in the back area of the mouth on the right and left sides to provide support for new implant-supported fixed bridges. Our patient was extremely happy with both function and aesthetics.



Single Tooth Implant Replacement

This gentleman had a long-standing fixed bridge that was anchored by his natural teeth.  The anchor teeth weakened due to tooth decay.  The existing bridge and anchoring teeth were replaced with four single individual implant supportive crowns.  He is happy as his teeth are now individualized and easier to maintain.

All-On-4 Before & After Cases

All-on-4 Treatment Concept Dental Implant-Supported Bridge

This woman had remaining upper front teeth that were failing and an uncomfortable upper removable bridge. Her treatment goal was to improve function and aesthetics.  All remaining upper teeth were removed and a non-removable complete upper bridge was secured with four dental implants. She was gratified with the results.

All-on-4-Treatment Concept Dental Upper and Lower Supported Bridgework

As a new patient to our practice, this patient was discouraged with ongoing tooth decay and periodontal disease.  All upper and lower teeth were removed and replaced with non-removable bridgework supported by 4 implants in both upper and lower arches.



Like what you see?

These cases are just a few examples of the hundreds of situations and dental health scenarios that Dr. Gordon has handled. If you need help restoring a smile, improving your overall dental health, or otherwise getting advice in relation to general or cosmetic dentistry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! Interested in showing off your own before and after images as well? Let our talented team members know that you would like to be featured on the website before & after gallery!