Dental Implants: Learning the Basics

Dental-Implants-learning-the-basicsDid you know that over 69% of adults in America are missing at least one tooth?  Whether it is from an accident, neglect, or even being born without certain teeth, not everyone is supporting a full set of teeth. There are many solutions to replacing missing teeth, each with its own benefits. With the influx of technology and precision of modern dentistry, dental implants are becoming more affordable, and are the ideal long-term solution for missing teeth. Traditional tooth supported dental bridges; whether they are fixed or removable are alternative tooth replacements. They may be less expensive than implant tooth replacement, however adjacent natural teeth may need to be treated too. Over time a single dental implant may be the more cost-effective approach. Dental implants can last decades or even a lifetime, which allows a patient to treat the implant as they would their natural teeth, and continue on with life without having to worry about them. Whether you’re in the market for one tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants not only can lower your overall healthcare costs, but also increase your quality of life as they are the most natural form of tooth replacement!

How the implant works: 

In place of the original root a dental implant is placed in the existing bone and the area allowed to heal for several months. Once healed, the implant will serve to support the existing tooth replacement.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

The quick answer is: “most likely yes.” Restrictions such as age do not apply to the possibility of receiving dental implants. There are very few restrictions that would prevent a patient from receiving dental implants and they include: Those who do not have enough existing bone in the jaw, and those who have had radiation to the jaw (from cancer or similar treatments), which could prevent fusion of implant to the bone. Recent studies have even shown that even patients with diabetes have little to no restrictions in the ability to receive dental implants.

If you are interested in dental implants, give us a call today and see how we can help you!

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