Family Dentistry in Prairie Village

Dr. Mark Gordon and Dot Barber photoA calling to all family members!

Everyone in the family is welcome here from the baby of the family to grandparents. Although you may come to our practice as a family, you will be treated as individuals. Each of you will receive personalized care from Dr. Mark J. Gordon and his team.

Our office believes that it is very important to start your child’s first visit by age two. Introducing your child for an initial visit with a dental examination and teeth cleaning is a comfortable stepping stone in preparing them for future dental care. We always encourage at least 6-month checkups for our younger patients to ensure their teeth are developing properly and their mouths remain healthy.

As children get older, we watch for the loss of primary teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth to ensure that proper alignment is attained. Services that we provide that your child may need include, necessary x-rays, fluoride-cavity preventive treatment, cavity protective dental sealants, and if needed any type of restorative care.

As teens, we monitor for possible orthodontic care and the development of third molars (wisdom teeth). As young adults, our focus remains preventive in nature and providing any necessary restorative dental care.

Regardless of age, our office always strives to teach each patient how to maintain a healthy mouth. In addition to the proper techniques of brushing, flossing, and rinsing we also educate on the importance of nutrition and dietary habits. For those patients in need of restorative care, we provide a variety of restorative, cosmetic, and tooth replacement options. Following this advice, each patient should have the opportunity to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

As Dr. Mark J. Gordon‘s office has kept up with innovative techniques and technology, they are able to provide dental care at the highest quality, providing beautiful smiles for the entire family. Whether you are bringing in your child for a first-time visit or whether a family member is in need of more complex restorative care, Dr. Mark J. Gordon‘s office is there to provide that service for you.


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Why Patients Love Prairie Village‘s Top Family Dentist:

Mark J. Gordon, DDS

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Patient Review from Errett S

Dr. Gordon has taken care of me since the early 80s and I can't recommend him more highly. I am not the easiest patient he has (even if I am one of his longest-term ones) because I hate dentistry, but he has always been caring and compassionate.

- Errett S

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Patient Review from Sandy S

When I met Dr Gordon I had a terrible problem.. my back teeth were breaking into Pices like a puzzle.. more than one… the I developed a terrible problem with my gums… Dr Gordon recommend I see a pathologist at the dental school… they sent me to Mayo Clinic and found my problem… I had an auto immune disease… I found a doctor here and now I am well

- Sandy S

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Patient Review from Gene D

Doctor is very thorough in all aspects of the treatment and in inserting the crown. His staff is very pleasant and competent.

- Gene D

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