In the News

January 2021

We are all actually smiling behind our masks as we were fortunate to have received the COVID-19 vaccination. In twenty-eight days we will get round two. We will continue to take all necessary precautions in order to protect, not only our staff but our patients and those who serve us as well. All of us look forward to seeing you again to take care of any dental needs you might have. Remember to wear your mask, hand washes for the proper amount of time, and social distance.  Stay safe and stay well.

October 2020

If seeing is believing then you will want to check out the new intraoral cameras our office has recently purchased and is now using during clinical exams and treatment.  The Acteon Sopro is a revolutionary camera employing patented Autofluorescence Technology to:

  • Detect tooth decay at an early stage without subjecting the patient to unnecessary radiation
  • Reveals dental plaque without using plaque disclosing solutions or tablets
  • Highlights gum inflammation painlessly
  • Helps to identify weakened or cracks in the tooth surface
  • Easy visual communication for clinical examinations, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations
  • Helps maintain patient health and longevity dentition

September 2020

We are excited to share that our office recently purchased and is now using a new digital Panorex X-ray machine (Acteon X-Mind Prime). In a comfortable manner, we are now able to acquire and view full images of the teeth and jaws in one X-ray in a matter of a few seconds.  This high tech instrument provides leading-edge technology that will improve diagnosis and treatment planning for our patients. The X-ray image can be reviewed immediately to discuss findings.